Thursday, April 24, 2008

Geocaching for Linux

I'm into geocaching. It combines my love of the wild outdoors with my geeky side! I now actually have an excuse to muck around with a GPS device! Anyhow, I'm also a Linux user. The problem is,'s "send to garmin" feature unsurprisingly doesn't work on Linux. So I wrote a script in Python that takes cache waypoint numbers (e.g. GCVWMR) as parameters and sends the info to your garmin, along with a truncated hint. I learned Python while writing this script, so apologies for any weirdnesses therein. :)

This humble script is under the GPL3. But it would be nice if you could email me with any comments you have regarding how it works. I would also appreciate comments about my actual code (style for example).

Important: make sure to read's terms of use and don't use the script in any way that might violate those terms.

I've only tested this script using my Garmin eTrex Venture with a USB cable. You must have gpsbabel installed since my script uses it to actually send the data. Also you need to edit the script and enter your username and password since that's the only way to get the coordinates for the caches.

Here's the script:

Speaking of which, my favourite caches are Hidden in the Numbers and Battlefields. Check them out if you're in Auckland.

Edit to add: I haven't done any geocaching for a really long time now, and this script probably doesn't work. Leaving this here for historical reasons.

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